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Welcome to Eyehub

You may know us as Rayner, Lancaster and Thorpe, Stephen Rowe, Greys, Chave and Jackson, Pugh, Greaves, Hunts. Whatever you know us as; online we are Eyehub.

When you need an eye examination, spectacles, contact lenses or sunglasses, we have a traditional approach to eyecare. We simply offer honest, value for money, quality products combined with good advice and a service that’s second to none.

Eyehub partner opticians offer an extensive range of optical goods from glasses to magnifiers and accessories.

Time, Care, Quality is our motto – and we deliver it every time.


Optiplan allows you to save every month towards your next pair of glasses, prescription sunglasses or eye examination. In addition, members receive a full 10% bonus towards all purchases. All Eyehub opticians accept Optiplan as a method of payment.

Optiplan Peace of Mind

All purchases with Optiplan are covered with Optiplan Peace of Mind. This entitles a member to a new pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses at 50% off the price of the replacement pair (up to a maximum of 50% off the cost of the original pair) should they be lost, broken or damaged before your next eye examination is due.


Refresh is our frequent replacement contact lens scheme which covers the cost of lenses, solutions (where applicable), eye examinations, contact lens consultations, replacement lost or damaged lenses with home delivery available on selected packages. Membership also gives 25% off complete glasses or prescription sunglasses 15% off non-prescription sunglasses.